Pump Manufacturer in India
Jagdishpump is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of pumps for industrials purposes. Incepted in 1980, in a short spam of time Jagdishpump made its credibility on the basis of excellence and products, a customer pleasure. Our range include different types of industrials pumps such as dewatering pump, effluent pump, ETP pump, mud pump, muddy water pump, self priming centrifugal pump, sewage pump, trash pump etc. With over 45 years of rich experience in pump industry and 30 years of manufacturing industrial pump, parts, and customize solutions for pumping needs and un-parallel support on after sales service.

Our well skilled, technically capable highly motivated team of engineers has enabled us to exceed consistent growth and achievement. We believe that quality guarantee means getting it at the very first time.

JMD Series Pumps

Self priming pump Trash pumpSewage pumpEffluent pump

Jagdish Pump Features

  • State of the art design: Delivers optimum performance and reliability in the toughest conditions.
  • The innovative mechanical design, combined with the use of an advanced manufacturing technology in pump manufacturing
  • High pumping efficiency for reduced running costs in pump
  • Proven & Reliable Design for Critical Conditions in industrial pump
  • Easy to operate and easy to maintain industrial pump.
  • Lower investment cost in industrial pump manufacturing
  • Easy assembling, dismantling. Easily serviceable industrial pump
  • Light weight and compact design pump
Self Priming Sewage Pump Manufacturer