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PRODUCTS >> Self priming Semi-open type Centrifugal pump : Bare shaft Pump

Rating : 0.5hp to 30 hp
Rotation : 2850 & 1500 ( RPM )
Size : 40mm to 150 mm
Head Range : 5 mt to 36mt
Discharge Range : 1.9 lps to 75 lps
Sealing Type : Gland Type / Mechanical Seal
Option Available : Silicon Carbide / Silicon carbide.
Moc : C-40 Shaft, Wear plate Screw with SS410 ,Rest in Cast iron.
Option Available : All wetted parts in AISI304 , AISI316 , Bronze. Impeller with built in Cutter, Rubber lined wear plate.
Features : Model with replaceable Diffuser and wear plate , Back pullout design  for easy maintenance.

As a premier sewage pump manufacturer in India Jagdish Pump Engineering co bring to you the self priming centrifugal pump comes in semi open type and can be used for clean as well as polluted liquids, specifically those that are non corrosive to cast iron. This self priming pump can be used to drain excavation buildings and can also be used to drain swimming pools, ponds and even ditches. This mud pump makes water extraction easy, quick and very convenient.